The University of Southampton

The QnP Laboratory 

The QnP Laboratory, July 2019

The QnP Lab is a 45 mt2 temperature-controlled lab, completely refurbished in 2013. The laboratory is furnished with three ultralow-vibration optical tables placed in a U-shape configuration and surmounted by a full-length overhanging rack for electrical equipment. The optical tables are equipped with various lasers, including a Ti-Sapph picosecond pulses, and tunable lasers covering various wavelength ranges (780nm, 1100nm and telecommunication range).  A confocal microscope (including a Helium-flow cryostat for low-temperature measurements) is devoted to the study of colour centres and their coupling to optical devices. Three waveguide characterization setups can be used for non-linear and quantum measurements (including single photon counting with silicon and superconducting detectors).   

The Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

The Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

The Southampton Nanofabrication Centre is a state-of-the-art facility for microfabrication and high-spec nanofabrication, as well as a wide range of characterisation capabilities housed in the new Mountbatten Complex at the University of Southampton. One of the premiere cleanrooms in Europe, the Centre has a uniquely broad range of technologies, combining traditional and novel top down fabrication with state-of-the-art bottom up fabrication.

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The Nanomaterials Rapid Prototyping Facility

The NanoMaterials Rapid Prototyping Facility is a semi-cleanroom environment equipped for the fabrication and analysis of NanoMaterials (Physics, Building 46).