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Quantum nanoPhotonics Lab



Welcome to the Quantum nanoPhotonics Laboratory webpage.

Part of the Quantum Light Matter group and the Zepler Institute at the University of Southampton, the QnP Lab is led by Dr Alberto Politi.

The group research interest is focused on the development of new platforms for quantum technologies and quantum information sciences. 

QnP News

  • December 2018: new paper 'High-Q/V two-dimensional photonic crystals cavities in 3C-SiC' posted on the arXiv
  • December 2018: new paper on multimode interferometry for entangling atoms in quantum networks with our University of Bristol collaborators now published online on Quantum Science and Technology  
  • November 2018: new paper on 'Amplitude-Multiplexed readout of single photon detectors based on superconducting nanowires' with our IFN-CNR (Rome) collaborators now available on the arXiv
  • October 2018: congratulations to Ioannis, who succesfully passed his Ph.D viva
  • September 2018: new paper on second harmonic generation from strongly coupled localized and propagating phonon-polariton modes with our Imperial College, Fritz Haber Institute (Berlin) and University of Southampton collaborators now published on Physics Review B 
  • April 2018: welcome back to Mr Francesco Garrisi, who is visiting the QnP group for his current Ph.D work at the University of Pavia 
  • May 2018: huge congratulations to Dr Francesco Martini, who just won a Marie Curie Research Fellowship for his post-doctoral research at IFN-CNR Rome
  • January 2018: new paper on CMOS compatible source of single photons at near-visible wavelengths published on Optics Letters 
  • October 2017: welcome to Mr Andrew Cox, who joins us for a Year of Experimental Research 
  • September 2017: congratulations to Francesco, who succesfully passed his Ph.D viva
  • July 2017: new paper on Four wave mixing in 3C SiC Ring Resonators posted on the arXiv
  • May 2017: new paper on Linear integrated optics in 3C SiC posted on Optics Express
  • April 2017: PhD student Francesco Martini has started an Erasmus+ at the IFN-CNR in Rome
  • July 2016: new paper on SiC Photonic Crystals with our UCSB collaborators posted on Physical Review Applied
  • June 2016: new paper on Coherent coupling between localised and propagating phonon polaritons with our Univerity of Southampton and Imperial College collaborators is now available on Physical Review Letters
  • March 2016: Mr Francesco Garrisi joined the QnP Group as visiting reseracher (Erasmus funded) from the University of Pavia 
  • October 2015: new paper on Coherent coupling between localised and propagating phonon polaritons with our Univerity of Southampton and Imperial College collaborators is now available on the arXiv
  • August 2015: Mr Robert Cernansky joined the QnP Group to start a Ph.D in Physics
  • March 2015: new paper on Continuous-variable entanglement on a chip with our Univerity of Tokyo, Univerity of Bristol & NTT collaborators posted on Nature Photonics
  • March 2015: a new collaboration with European partners on Quantum Simulation on a Photonic Chip (QUCHIP) has now started 
  • January 2015: the QnP Lab is now on Twitter. Follow us: QnP_Soton